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What is a SIG?

SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are like mini-clubs.  The purpose is to bring together chapter members who share common interests.  The SIGs are organized and led by the members themselves, using TTN-defined parameters.  SIGs are a commitment on your calendar.   Unlike TTN events or programs which are usually a one-time occurrence, SIGs typically meet once a month and a few meet once a week.  SIGs are participatory.  Each member, depending upon the genre, may be asked to choose a book, movie or restaurant, lead a discussion or make arrangements for a day trip.   Most SIGs have a maximum capacity so there are often wait-lists to get in.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested!!  

Special Interest Groups are a TTN member benefit.  No guests are permitted to attend SIGs.

Although some SIGs are unlimited in participation, many limit their participation to 12-14 members.  This is a decision made within each SIG, mostly to accommodate good conversation among members or to accommodate living spaces used for meetings.  

How Do I Join?

Special Interest Groups are a TTN member benefit.  You must be a member in good standing to participate in SIGs.

SIGs you can join today:  These SIGs have been meeting for some time but there are current openings. To join an Open SIG, contact the SIG Lead listed in the SIG description.  The Lead will give you details on the group – how, when, where – and you are ready to go. 

You can join now
Newly forming SIGs:
These are brand new. You would be one of the charter members and would therefore have a say in how the club is organized.  If you wish to join, contact Kathy Sullivan to be placed on the list.  When there are 8 interested members, we will get started!  In fact, if you have any ideas for a new SIG, please let us know!!!

At capacity SIGs:  These SIGs are at capacity. Membership capacity limits are defined when the SIG is first organized.  However, we keep a waiting list because sometimes existing members resign and an opening becomes available.  Note that, in general, closed SIGs are not listed on this web site, if you want to learn more or if you wish to be placed on a wait list for "at capacity" SIG, contact Kathy Sullivan

The following are categories of SIGs at capacity:
    1.  Visit and discuss art venues 
    2.  Learn about Philadelphia architecture 
    3.  Practice and discuss photography 
    4.  Play canasta or bridge 
    5.  Visit area restaurants for dinner, brunch, or lunch 
    6.  Drink and learn about wine  

    We would like you to join us and experience the meaningful relationship within our groups.