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Peer Groups are a unique members-only benefit.


Women’s Connection Peer Groups are small groups of women who join together in a member's home, on Zoom, or other mutually agreed upon location to engage in informal discussions on topics of mutual interest. They are composed of 2-12 women who share an activity or topic for discussion that they want to explore in more depth than the regular monthly Women’s Connection meetings might allow. 


Existing Peer Groups


New Members Peer Group

If you are a new member, or have been a member for about a year or more, please join the Daytime Version of our New Members Peer Group for lunch.  We also invite any existing member to join us, so that new and existing members can meet in a casual setting. 
Our new facilitator, Liz Anderson, sends out an email notifying members of the date and location for our monthly lunch.  Contact her through our chapter email at: 
Just notify Liz that you are interested. 



The Writers' Peer Group is for women who have a passion for writing. You may have written a book, or want to explore writing one, or have an interest in writing in general, or want to become a better writer. Every month the group gets together and writes to a given "prompt." The group is led by the members on a rotating basis.


East Side Women's Peer Group

This group is for women who live on the East Side of Columbus. If you are interested in joining the East Side Women's Group, contact Donna Kayne at, our chapter email .


Aging Mastery Peer Group
(Currently closed to additional members)

This group focuses on mastery of our personal experience of aging. The Aging Mastery Peer Group is exploring longevity and uses non-fiction books regarding the science and process of aging, as well as personal development and self-help. The topics covered provide the underlying platform for discussions about how to live our best life going forward.


The group meets every two weeks and meetings are a hybrid of virtual and in-person, often meeting via Zoom as well as face-to-face, depending upon weather and safety factors.


Longevity Mastermind - A Second Aging Mastery Peer Group 

(Currently OPEN for one or two additional members. Please respond to Donna Kayne at our Chapter email: -5-21-24 Donna Kayne)

The Ohio Chapter started a second Peer Group for the mastery of aging on 4-14-22. The new Peer Group, Longevity Mastermind, is also facilitated by Ann Fox and follows the same structure as the existing Aging Mastery Peer Group. 

Don't see what you're looking for in our existing groups? 

If you have an idea for a Peer Group, please contact us. When there are two people or more, we will form a new Peer Group.


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