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Member Story - Dana Dimit

Interviewed by Patty Petersen

Dana in Vinci, Italy

Women's Connection
Since I retired I was looking to make more connections with people, and Women's Connection was highly recommended. I like the fun and interesting people and great program offerings. Women's Connection has opened my eyes to many different people and their likes and interests. I am currently looking at possible options that will fit within my schedule.

I live in Hopkins, but I grew up in Austin, Minnesota. I came to the Twin Cities to go to business school and earn a computer science certificate. I spent 41 years in the technology field and enjoyed always learning something new and meeting new clients along the way. Technology changes fast, so it was fun to try and keep up! I retired early in 2016. I needed to relax and not be on a whirlwind schedule!


American Red Cross
My dad was very active in the Red Cross. When he passed away and I retired, I thought it would be a great way to keep the legacy going and honor him. I am an active responder in the Red Cross. I respond to local disasters and work to provide immediate support to those impacted. About 95 percent of our work is house and apartment fires and 5 percent storm-related. There’s a fire almost every day in the Twin Cities. I help obtain the family’s information and, based on specific criteria, we can provide them with some supplies and immediate financial support.

I remember an apartment fire in winter with a little boy crying because the Christmas gifts he had just received were gone. And, deaths are always tough. I’ve seen three deaths in the six years I’ve been with the Red Cross.

I remember the George Floyd murder and protests. I got a call at 3 a.m. saying “Minneapolis is on fire!” We were able to get people displaced by the fires out of the area and provide them with food and water. 

For all responses we offer health and counseling services, and a caseworker will then work with the client to create a recovery plan.

Twins Baseball
I don’t deploy with the Red Cross because it requires a two-week commitment, and I spend April through September at 35 Twins games! I’m with Guest Services. We make sure people have a good day at the ball park. Sometimes I work at the gate or on the concourse. I love the Twins! 

I also love to travel to all sorts of places, and I take a big trip every year. The last two years I spent a month in Australia and New Zealand, and before that, Spain and Portugal. I don’t have a favorite country. I love them all!



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