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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members who share common interests, activities, or goals. They are are a great way to connect with other members, make friends, and share your interests.


SIGs are member-driven: members initiate them, decide how they should be run, and provide leadership and organization.


As of July 2024, our CT chapter has 10 SIGs!  Chapter members are invited to join as many SIGS as their interests and time dictate. Details about these SIGs are below.

Special Interest Groups are a Women's Connection member benefit. However, non-members are welcome to attend SIGs for a maximum of two times.


Active Despite Challenges

This SIG is being created especially for people who have limitations, physical or emotional, that may deter them from being active and participating in group activities. It is ideal for women who may have an illness or fear that physical activity may cause injury.  The group may include walks, yoga, exercise, crafts, field trips, and other activities.  Our facilitator will help ensure that all participants feel included and will eliminate the anxiety about limitations “slowing down” the group. She believes that when we surround ourselves with others who have patience and understand our issues, we find strength and confidence.  Facilitator: Liz Landow

Meeting time & location: Meets weekly or bi-weekly for a new adventure every time.

Maximum size of group: 6


Adventures in Dining

Connecticut has a wealth of regional dishes, unique dining experiences and quirky food favorites. This group aims to try them all (or as many as we want to ). The members will find and create a list of interesting food related destinations. Where we decide to go will be up to the group and we’ll take turns picking a location or experience. Be prepared to expand your taste buds with fellow foodies who like to be adventurous. You will be responsible for purchasing your own meal or food items. We will carpool whenever possible. If you are someone who likes to try new things or are a “foodie” that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, this group is for you! Facilitator: Jennifer Keohane

Meeting time & location:
Meets monthly, weekdays, date & time will be determined by members.

Maximum size of group: 12


Curious Culture Mavens

Do you like to visit museums, historical sites and offbeat attractions? Then, this SIG is for you.

The curious members of this group will seek out and develop a list of “must see” Connecticut cultural (alternative culture) destinations. We plan to visit at least one attraction a month, destinations will be determined in advance by the group. We will carpool/travel together whenever possible. All you need is an open mind, a lot of curiosity and a sense of fun. Facilitator: Jennifer Keohane

Meeting time & location: Meets monthly, weekdays, date & time will be determined by members.

Maximum size of group: 12


Games: Indoors and Out

Do you love games of all kinds? We'll decide what games; indoors and out we want to play. Cornhole, pickleball, volleyball, cards, or board games, what's your pleasure? 
Facilitator: Patti Pursell

Meeting time & location: Frequency, dates & times will be determined by members.
Maximum size of group: 15


Healthy Living with Natural & Alternative Methods

Are you interested in exploring and discussing natural and/or alternative healthy living methods?  Examples are acupuncture, Ayurveda, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), homeopathy, naturopathy, and breast thermography as just a few. The purpose of the group is to increase awareness and understanding, thereby providing knowledge and support for everyone to utilize as they decide for themselves. Or simply to gain a larger understanding of the many natural and alternative healthy living methods now available. This group is for you if you would like to bring your experience and knowledge surrounding natural and alternative healthy living methods to share and discuss with other like-minded women. We look forward to an enthusiastic discussion and contributions from all who attend. Facilitator: Barbara AmEnde

Meeting time & location: Meets monthly at date & time determined by members.
Maximum size of group: 15


Paper Paradise

Do you like to make greeting cards, handmade books, scrapbooks or do similar paper projects?  Would you like to get together with like-minded “crafters” to share your ideas and/or see new ideas others have made? This SIG is for you!

We’ll meet every 4-6 weeks to share creative ideas and projects made with “paper” products or similar craft supplies. Meet-ups will be more of a “show and tell” style sharing projects completed by individuals before meetups (not a “craft-class” or instructional style.) Facilitator: Diana Soares

Meeting time & location: Meets every 4 to 6 weeks. Date & location determined by the group.
Maximum size of group: 15


Sunday Funday

Are you busy during the week but find that on the weekends you wish there was something to do and someone to do it with?  Then join this Sunday Funday SIG.  The members of this group will take turns planning get-togethers on Sundays.  We will start once a month with the dates and activities decided by the group. It could range from enjoying a meal together at a restaurant, visiting a state park, going to the movies, or  attending a show at the Bushnell. Ideas welcome! Facilitator: Amy Humphries

Meeting time & location:
Meets monthly on Sundays (date & time determined by members).
Maximum size of group: 10

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY3.0

Walking the Linear Trails

Explore different sections of Connecticut's Linear Trail System from New Haven to the Massachusetts's  border.  This group of 4 to 6 walkers would meet at 9 am on a Friday once a month for a 3 to 5 mile walk along the paved trail. Facilitator: Rosemary Pilch

Meeting time & location:
  Meets monthly on Fridays at 9 am (exact date will be determined by members).

Maximum size of group:  8


Women Who Dance (to beat of their own drums!)

Do you love to dance with friends? Prefer dance music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s?

Jane Fisher will scout out Connecticut venues that allow us to be dancing fools without judgement. Facilitator: Jane Fisher

Meeting time & location: Meets monthly or as venues are available.

Maximum size of group: 15


Writing with Friends

Do you have a writing project that you are stuck on, or just need motivation? Well, this group is for you. This Special Interest Group is for like-minded women who want to share their stories or read someone else's. We will have voluntary bi-weekly writing prompts and expect participants to either follow the prompt or share something else they are working on.  We are looking to keep this group intimate, maximum of 10 participants to start with. Facilitator: Deb Jaffe

Meeting time & location: Meets two times monthly on a weekday morning. Dates & locations to be decided.

Maximum size of group: 10

We hope you will join us!
It's easy to sign up for any of the above SIGs, just Click Here 
Please provide your name and the SIG(s) you are interested in joining. 

Looking for some other SIG?

Do you have an activity or interest that you'd spend more time on if you didn’t have to do it alone? Any CT Chapter member can start a SIG if they like. Let us know and we'll help you form a SIG comprised of other members with like interests!  It’s easy and fun! Contact to learn more about starting a SIG.


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