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How to Start a Chapter

Thinking about starting a Women's Connection chapter in your area? The path to chapterhood requires work, but there is no limit to how rewarding it can be!

Please read the description below, and then get in touch with our Executive Director, Darla Hastings, at to schedule a chat.


What is the purpose of chapters?

Women's Connection chapters exist to bring our mission and values to life. They bring members together face-to-face and by Zoom through a range of activities, including workshops, events, peer groups and special interest groups (we call them “SIGs”).

While the preferences and profiles of members vary from one chapter to another, each chapter is expected to provide an experience to its members that aligns with the organization’s unique value proposition and brand.  

How is a chapter structured?

Chapters are led by a Chair (the job can be split between Co-Chairs).  The Chair has overall responsibility for chapter operations and for representing the chapter with the rest of the organization.

The Chair leads a steering committee whose responsibility is to promote the health, growth and sustainability of the chapter.  The chapter is free to structure and operate its steering committee in any way it believes is most effective, as long as one or more volunteers have responsibility for the following core functions. 

  • Membership
    Responsibilities include (a) attracting prospective members, (b) onboarding new members, (c) maintaining regular communication, and (d) understanding changes in members' needs.

  • Finance
    Responsibilities include (a) developing and managing an annual chapter budget, (b) approving expense reimbursements for chapter volunteers, (c) reviewing and paying the chapter’s bills, (d) and managing reporting on the chapter’s financial status.

  • Programs
    Responsibilities include (a) developing and hosting chapter events, (b) ensuring that members have access to signature workshops, (c) keeping track of chapter peer groups and SIGs, (d) and using reporting to understand ways to use programs as a way to increase member engagement.

  • Marketing and Communication
    Responsibilities include (a) ensuring compliance with our brand standards, (b) managing the chapter’s website landing page, (c) maintaining the chapter’s social media pages, (d) creating and distributing member newsletters and emails, and (e) promoting chapter events.

How does a chapter get started?

A potential Chair will first be interviewed by the Executive Director and then by the Board's Executive Committee. If everybody agrees to move forward, the Executive Director will work with her on nuts and bolts: establishing a steering committee, learning how to use TTN’s association management system, setting up a chapter checking account, issuing credit cards – and, of course, attracting members.

The new Chair will be assigned a mentor – an experienced chapter leader who will offer advice and support throughout the start-up process.
We consider chapters to be "in process" until they have 50 members.


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