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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together members who share common interests, activities or goals. They are member-driven groups. Members initiate them, decide how they should be run, and provide leadership and organization. Examples include art and culture, book and movie groups, food and dining groups, mix and mingle cocktail groups, and walking groups. SIGs meet either in-person or via Zoom, usually monthly for an hour to an hour and a half.

Looking to Join a SIG?

Start by clicking on a category of interest below to see descriptions of what we offer. Some SIGs are presently open (O) and some are at maximum capacity with a waiting list to participate (WL). Let us know what interests you. You will be put in contact with the SIG leader for an open group or placed on a waiting list. Often, when we have 4-5 interested members requesting to join a particular closed group in a certain section, e.g., a dining group, we will contact you and assist you in setting up an organizational meeting to get a new group up and running as soon as possible.


If you are ready to join or if you have any questions, email Co-SIG Chairs Kathy Sullivan and Risa Granick.

Note: Special Interest Groups are a Women's Connection member benefit.  No guests are permitted to attend SIGs.

Interested in Starting a New SIG?

If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know! We are ready to help you get started. Your idea will be posted to attract additional members, so that an organizational meeting can be arranged to get your proposed group off the ground.
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