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Learning and Personal Growth



Women's Connection is a place where many members challenge themselves to expand their knowledge and skills and to explore new interests.  Other members are eager to look inward to better understand what inspires and motivates them, so they can create new possibilities for their lives.


Women's Connection offers many opportunities for learning and personal growth.  Here are some ideas. 


Easy Ways to Expand Your Horizons

Travel with new friends to a museum or historic site --

or hey, why not go to another country!

Understand white privilege in a non-judgmental environment by participating in our Unpacking Whiteness workshop

Sign up for a class where you'll learn a new skill

Explore new possibilities for your life in our Women in Transition workshop


"After spending my whole adult life

working and taking care of everybody

and everything, I’m eager to use the

free time I’m finding at this stage

 of my life to dive into things

I put on hold for so many years."


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